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    Lea Hunt (@viralmarketmom) is a Viral Marketing Mom that loves meeting new people online and creating a buzz about EVERYTHING (Online Business, Social Media, SEO, Internet Marketing, Wordpress, Blogging, Google +, Yahoo / Bing, Web Design, Mom Blog, Christian, Family-Friendly, Mom Blog, Mom-Centric, SEO Marketing, etc). She is an Online Business and Marketing specialist that has been developing on the Internet for 13 years, and went full time in this online industry in 2004. Recruiting, training and business development were her forte prior to becoming a work at home mom. In short, Lea Hunt is an Online Business Consultant that helps with Internet Marketing, SEO & Social Media within competitive online business and niche industries. She consults with mothers and frustrated business owners seeking fast virtual business solutions. She also exemplifies that onshore outsourcing is still a viable, convenient and affordable option; consulting with an online business specialists in the USA is "the norm" in this Internet age. This viral marketing mom is passionate about helping both corporate clientele and moms striving to build without having to sacrifice personal, family and Christian values.

    "Give a MOM a fish and you feed her for a day. Teach a MOM to fish and you feed her for a lifetime. Learn how to be a viral marketing mom to build your business and help others do the same. Register to join us in becoming a Viral Marketing Mom."
Viral Marketing & Internet Business

Internet Business Consultant

Planning to start a business? Already have a business that needs help with branding and positioning on the Net? Get advice / support that you need through one-on-one consulting.

Internet Marketing Consulting, Online Marketing Training

Online Marketing Consultant

Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Social Networking, Affiliate Marketing, Video and Viral Marketing. Could you use help learning how to convert?

Are you a Viral Marketing Mom? If not, learn how to market online and get more business to your mom blog.

Viral Marketing Mom

Are you a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM), Work At Home Mom (WAHM), Married Mom or Single Mom? Learn what it takes to become a viral marketing mom while building up your presence and dreams :)

Want your own viral marketing mom blog or website? Need help migrating your Mom Blogger to Wordpress?

Website / Blog Design

From custom web designs to tweaked blog themes; migrating from Blogger to Wordpress; fast blog set up, web copy, blog training and SEO marketing. The sky is the limit when doing business on the Internet, but we all know this starts with the best blog / website designs.

It takes time to build a business online. Online strategy and virak marketing that helps build online business.

Build, Build, Build

"If you build it, they will come" ... The Internet may be your field of dreams, but there is more involved than just building a website / blog and thinking that people will find it.  Do you know what to do after your site has been built? Are you able to invest the time or do you need to hire?

Technical Support, Virtual Support, Web & Social Media Maintenance

Web & Maintenance

Things go wrong! Deadlines run short! Excitement fades when the REAL work begins ... and so on! Sometimes we need quick answers to problems or an extra set of hands to get "things" done. On-call, last minute, technical virtual assistance, web, blog and social media maintenance.